This page is intended to provide the readers with information concerning the NDA Scholarship


The Navy Divers Association, Inc. (NDA) is always in need of funds to maintain our annual scholarship awards. We get our funds from three places: (1) the live auction at our bi-annual NDA Reunion, (2) the 50/50 drawing at our reunion and (3) gifts from donors.

Donations can be made by making a check or money order out to NDA and sending via snail mail to David Ball, 3804 Wildwood Road, San Diego, 92107-3750.

Approximately 97% of all funds received go to scholarship awards. The other three percent (3%) goes to website maintenance and miscellaneous office expenses. Neither I nor the Board of Directors receive any form of compensation.


Information for the 2018 NDA Scholarship Application process is now available on this site. The information will also be sent out to the NDA Membership distribution list.

Eligibility for the NDA Scholarship, as defined, is an individual under age 23, and be the son, daughter, grandchild or great grandchild (including legally adopted and step-children) of a living member of the NDA in good standing. In the case of deceased members, the member must have been in good standing at the time of his/her death.

To be a member of the NDA, one must have successfully completed a formal course in Navy Diving. This can be substantiated by a copy of the graduation certificate or a copy of the DD-214.

We made minor changes to the application process. For those of you who are interested in the program, direct your attention to the 2018 NDA Application process.


Good morning all  --  Your Navy Divers Association (NDA) has, for the third consecutive year, awarded three scholarships to deserving students.

This year we were able to bump the total amount awarded to $8,000.00.  And, that is a direct reflection upon YOUR generosity.

The successful awardees are:

  • Evan Ranger  --  grandson of MDV Ret (deceased) Charlie Ranger
  • Hanna Freeman  -- daughter of NDC Ret Jeffrey Freeman
  • Vanessa Vlaun  --  granddaughter of MDV Ret Donald Smith

The letters were mailed out Tuesday, May 30, 2017.  I have yet to receive responses from the successful candidates, but expect to in the near future.

Incidentally, we only send out letters (no checks) and include a letter addressed to the Admissions Officer of the College to complete verifying the awardee’s admittance to the college and returning to us before we issue any check to the awardee.

Our selection process needed to be changed somewhat this year, and will be a change to our Bylaws.  One of the NDA officers’ grandchildren applied and would, more than likely, have received one of the awards based upon the package sent in.  After lengthy discussions, we made a decision that no relatives of the officers of the Association should be eligible.  That is now a change to our Bylaws.  The officers include the President, Secretary/Treasurer and three members of the Board of Directors.  We made this decision to ensure our Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) status would not be adversely affected.

Thank you ALL so much for your support of the NDA and THANK YOU ALL for your generous support of YOUR NDA Scholarship Fund.


The Navy Divers Association (NDA) Scholarship Fund applications are available for the Scholarship(s) to be awarded in May 2017. The rules, guidelines and additional information will be found by going to the link NDA Scholarship Application

The deadline for the COMPLETE application package to be received by the NDA Scholarship Committee ia 31 MARCH 2017. No exceptions.


The Navy Divers Association (NDA) Scholarship Fund applications are now available for the Scholarship(s) to be awarded in 2016. The rules, guidelines and additional information will be found by going to the link NDA Scholarship Application


The Navy Divers Association has created a Scholarship Fund which is made available to all Navy Divers, their children, step-children, foster children and grand children. The rules, guidelines and additional information will be found in the NDA Sholarship Application link listed annually.

The deadline for filing for the Scholarship Application is 31 March and decisions will be made regarding the awards during May of the same year.

Additional scholarships will be awarded each year. Information regarding the applications will go out NLT 31 Decemberfor the following year.

A reminder -- The NDA does not charge dues. To date any revenue we receive is through the bi-annual NDA Reunion Auction, the sale of T-shirts and ball caps (from which the profit is minimal) and donations. So, as long as we continue to do well at the bi-annual auction and continue to receive scholarship donations, your NDA will have a Scholarship Fund and continue to give annual scholarships per our application standards,