MK V Monument

october 13, 2012

I added an updated List of Attendees effective today as well as an updated Schedule of Events. Please note that the names highlighted in GREEN are registered and paid in full. The names highlighted in RED are registered, but have yet to pay.

See many of you on the 26th in Panama City Beach, FL. Safe travels to all.

october 6, 2012

The most recent List of Attendees is available for your perusal. Please note that the names highlighted in GREEN are registered and paid in full. The names highlighted in RED are registered, but have yet to pay.

The Schedule of Events remains the same as posted on 09/24/2012 and linked below.

See many of you on the 26th in Panama City Beach, FL. Safe travels to all.

September 24, 2012

Added a revised Schedule of Events and a very important memo addressing the parking situation on the Naval Support Activity, Panama City (NSAPC) Base. To summarize, parking on NSAPC will be at a premium October 26 and 27, 2012. The Mark V Monument Project is recommending you sign up to ride the buses that will be provided.

The revised Schedule of Events lists numerous bus runs that will be made and should fit into everyone's schedule. Bottom line is - DON'T PLAN ON DRIVING on the base the 26th or 27th of October.

PLEASE read the Parking Memo.

september 18, 2012

Dave Sullivan has written a Last Call for all who have indicated they will be attending the Mark V Monument unveiling on 26 October 2012 in Panama City Beach, FL, but who have NOT YET PAID the $40 per person event attendance fee. This is the LAST CALL for payments that Dave will send out. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 28 SEPTEMBER 2012.

The $40 per person event fee helps defray the costs of the Bay Point hospitality suite, the social gathering at the NSA Marina, shuttle buses, MK V Monument door prize and banquet. So, it is very little to pay for all these events.

Please read the LAST CALL notice.

Dave has also put out the latest and greatest FINAL NOTICE of those who have indicated they will be attending and whether or not they have paid the $40 per person event attendance fee. This is a good list for you all to see who will be attending.

Remember, you can get information by reading down this page or you can always go to the Monument website at to find additional information.

Hope to see many of you in Florida on the 26th of October.

September 9, 2012

I received a List of Attendees and a Schedule of Events that was updated on August 31, 2012.

This list of attendees shows those who have signed up and paid. If yu have signed up to attend and not yet paid, please do so as soon as possible.

The schedule of events indicates the times the buses will be running and the number of people they are expecting to transport on each bus.

So, if you are planning on riding the bus for any of these activities and, if you have not yet contacted Bob Barth or Dave Sullivan (scroll down to see their contact info) letting them know, I recommend you do so as soon as possible. They need to know how many will be riding the buses. If you are not signed up, you will not be allowed to ride the bus unless there are vacancies.

Keep checking this page for updates as we still have seven (7) weeks to go and I am certain I will be posting additional updates.

AUGUST 28, 2012 - UPDATE

To All Mark V Monument Commissioning/Unveiling Attendees:

In an attempt to reach all of you that have sent RSVPs indicating you are attending, we sent out notices by emails, website, and Face Book concerning the $40 charge.  Some of you have been very gracious in your quick response with checks.  As of today, 8/28/12, we have received 626 RSVPs.  But only 107 of you have sent in your $40 per person check.  There are 519 of you who have not. 

Please understand, the $40 covers everything including food and beer at the social gathering at the NSA Marina, beer at the hospitality suite (4 days), cookout at the Dive Lab, shuttle buses, the statuette door prize, and the Saturday night  Banquet for all hands (626+) at Bay Point. 

We have to have accurate head counts for each of these events including the shuttle buses.  Please get your checks in ASAP and let us know if you will be using the buses.

To help expedite planning we have to impose a cutoff date on the checks.  We must have the checks and your final confirmation of bus use no later than September 15.

Please send your checks to:

The Mark V Monument Project
501 Blue Heron Drive
Panama City Florida 32404
850 819 4163 (if you have questions)

We hope to see you all in October

Dave and Bob

August 20, 2012 - UPDATE

The Mark V Monument Project, due to tremendous feedback and re-thinking this large undertaking of the unveiling, have made several changes for the better to the overall ceremony. As a result, I have posted a revised letter to all planning on attending.

As you can all read, it became necessary for Dave and Bob to charge a $40 fee per head attending the banquet. This will help to defray ALL the costs of this historic weekend in which you all get to participate. This will also bring back the busses.

So, make certain you get your check(s) in promptly and let them know whether or not you will plan on riding the buses.

The updated attendance list and activities schedule posted two days ago are still valid and can be found by clicking on these links updated attendance list and an updated activities schedule. These updated attachments are current as of August 14, 2012.

IMPORTANT - Contact the Monument Project with the names of the people accompanying you and, if they are not a US citizen, to provide their Nationality.

AUGUST 01, 2012 - UPDATE

The below link is a special website for reservations. 

Points of Contact for the Mark V Monument Project people are:                      (Dave Sullivan)

This is the link to the invitation to attend the unveiling of the Mark V Monument that was sent out two weeks ago to all on the Navy Divers distribution list.

The Mark V Monument Unveiling is scheduled for Friday, October 26, 2012, at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC), Panama City Beach, FL.

The Project principals have selected the Wyndham Bay Point Resort     to hold the social gatherings and have negotiated excellent room rates at the Wyndham.

If you decide to call instead of using the convenient link to the "Special Website" above, be certain to tell them you would like the Group Rate for the "Mark V Monument Group".

Room rates:

Resort View Room = $79 per night
Bay View Room = $99 per night
Golf Villa Suite with Parlor = $109 per night

Presently the cutoff date to make reservations is Thursday, October 4, 2012

Also, please let Bob and/or Dave know if you will be attending and how many will be in your party.  They need this for planning purposes.  Oh yes, please give your full name.  You can reach either Bob or Dave at the email addresses above.          

Everything is free (paid by the Mark V Monument Project Inc.) with the exception of the rooms and mixed drinks.  The Project is paying for the buses, the food and drink and the Friday social gathering (all hands), the banquet (invited guests only), the beer and wine following the banquet (all hands) and the beer, wine, drinks and finger foods in the hospitality suite Thursday thru Sunday.

Go to this link to see the flyer Bob and Dave sent me. It is a flyer which provides the dates and times for the events. The dates and times are still good, but note that there is no longer any bus transportation provided.

I’m certain there will be more to come in the next few months as we get closer to the “Unveiling” and I will keep you all posted as I receive the data. 

April 26, 2012 - Update

Dave Sullivan sent this information out a day or two ago and I didn't get it in time to include in the 04/21 update.

The granite covered base is done and is waiting for the 8 foot Jake. Work is in progress.

"JAKE" is actually constructed in eleven separate molds.  These pictures as well as these views show some of those pieces in the clay application stage.  Once these are completed, they will be delivered to the foundry to be used in creating the wax pattern.  If interested visit for a video of the "lost wax casting process".  It is pretty interesting.  This will give you an idea as to why it will be another 6 months before "JAKE" arrives.  Those of you familiar with the MARK V will notice a lot of things missing..........don't worry.......there is still work to be done.

APRIL 21, 2012 - UPDATE

The Jake (10 foot version) is currently being produced at the foundry. All of the statuettes have been sold and the "unveiling" will be in late October 2012. Dave Sullivan is scheduled to visit the foundry in a couple of weeks. Once he returns, he and Bob will be in a better position to set a more tentative date. Right now, the date is still very vague.

For additional information, please contact Dave Sullivan 850-234-4162 or (850) 819-4163 (C)

For updates please go to

May 14, 2011 Drawing

The raffle ticket for the Jake Drawing was drawn May 14, 2011 at the Master Diver Reunion in Panama City Beach, FL, and the winner is Fernando Lugo, MDV, Ret.

March 20, 2010 Drawing

The raffle ticket for the Jake Drawing was drawn March 20, 2010 and the Winner is DCDivers.


Via phone or email (preferably phone)

Our Mission

The Mark V Monument Project is an undertaking to erect an eleven (11) foot tall bronze/granite JAKE monument. It will have a three (3) foot tall pentagon shaped granite base. Each of the five sides will display a bronze seal of one of the five services of the U.S. Military. The monument will celebrate all graduates, past, present, and future of all U.S. Navy Diving Schools that go down in the sea to work. This monument will celebrate traditions forever of divers around the world who have given their life's work to underwater ships husbandry, underwater construction, salvage of ships lost at sea, combat, and clandestine missions.

Bob Barth enlisted the help of Dave Sullivan from the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC). To ensure everything was legal and above-board, Bob and Dave formed a not-for-profit Florida corporation, The Mark V Monument Project Inc. They also enlisted the help of Ed Delanoy, Dave Thompson, Kellard Jansen, and Jim McCarthy to form The Mark V Monument Committee (MVMC). The committee has been deeply involved in every aspect of design to ensure the product is technically accurate and to guarantee we erect a "JAKE" that all graduates (past, present, and future) of navy dive schools will take pride in.

The MVMC initially solicited the diving community for donations to design, fabricate, and erect the JAKE at NDSTC. Some very gracious donation were received but eventually waned off leaving a balance of funds far from what would be required to proceed. The MVMC put their heads together and brainstormed the idea to contract the production of 300 21-inch bronze/granite, certified, serialized, limited edition, exact replicas, of the monument for sale. At the writing of this article, approximately 119 of the statuettes and the corresponding limited edition certificates have been delivered to supporters around the globe, from Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many US cities, coast to coast.

The price of these statuettes is $2,000 each (shipping included CONUS). There are only 300. This is a great price for a piece of art that is also a piece of history. We have the capability to accept your VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER Card, or MASTERCARD as payment by way of phone or email. We will also entertain partial payments, of $500 per month (delivery at final payment). The Mark V Monument Project Inc. has been granted Tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, contributions are deductable under section 170 of the Code; therefore we issue a $600 deductable donation certificate with the purchase of each statuette.

We will actually only be selling 299 statuettes. We will be giving away serial # 001. We provided "drawing" tickets for a donation of $10. We had 1,000 of these tickets printed. The last ticket was sold recently. We are in the process of arraigning a news media covered drawing of the winning ticket. More information will be readily available on the Mark V Monument FACE BOOK site. This worked so well that we will be offering tickets for a second statuette. The donation is $20, however there will only be 250 tickets. They will go very quickly.

If you are interested in contributing to the successful completion of this project by becoming a proud owner of one of these serialized limited edition statuettes, you can place an order using the following phone numbers and emails:
We encourage and are still accepting donations for this effort. Corporate Sponsorship in amounts greater than $5000 will receive special recognition in the form of one of the three hundred statuettes. Please contact Dave Sullivan or Bob Barth for information on where and how to send your tax-deductible contribution.

The REPLICA SALES tab indicates how many statuettes have been purchased, the corresponding serial numbers and who purchased them. We will now be maintaining a minimum of 20 statuettes on hand for immediate shipping upon your order. Delivery to your designated location (CONUS) will be within a couple days of placing your order. Reservations require payment in full (unless you have made prior arrangements). If you have, any questions please contact either:

Bob Barth.......... (850) 785-6249
Dave Sullivan ........ (850) 234-4162 or (850) 819-4163 (C)