Lost Navy Divers

Please Check out the requests below. If you know of the whereabouts of any of the people being sought, please contact directly the person looking for them.

08-05-2017 -- Mike Heiny
Email -- mheinysr@gmail.com
Request -- I need some help!!
Question -- I went through 2nd class & SCUBA attached to the Ajax AR6 in Sasebo, Japan Oct. 1960. Ty Goacher & Gary Spickerman were instructors. Batman Hight TM2 was my swim partner.
As a civilian, again 2nd class & SCUBA at 32nd St. class 7602 2/C 11-1975, Bill Golson and Busky instructors. A Mexican kid was my swim partner, cannot remember his name. I would like to locate some of my class mates of those two schools.
Cell -- 970-417-4013

06-17-2015 -- Bradley Matters
Email -- bradmatters@verizon.net
Request -- Where to get information
Question -- My Grandfather, Harold P. Matters, CWO2 served as a big gun Gunners mate and diver. Family legend is he was a Master Diver during WW2. Where can I research this and his career?

02-25-2015 -- Michael Gingrich
Email -- mgingrich5@gmil.com
Request -- HMPC/NMRI
Question --Looking for those who have served as Divers attached to or involved with NMRI from 1980-1985.

11-16-2014 -- Shawn Cantu Parker
Email -- shawncan37@aol.com
Request -- Stephen Smith 95
Question -- I'm trying to locate Stephen Smith he graduated 1995.  He was stationed in Virginia, if anyone knows where he is or has any information about him please email me.

08-18-2014 -- Adam Pasch
Email -- schish76@yahoo.com
Request -- name search
Question -- I was a diving student at NMRI, Bethesda, MD.in 1997. I am wanting to learn the name of a Senior Chief whom had a AGE brain hit 15min after completing a wet-pot deco-dive table challenge in the dual-chamber. I went to dive school in Panama City after that and never learned if he survived. Wanted to know his name.

Actually, he was not stationed at PCB NDSTC Florida, He and I were both at NMRI NEDU Bethesda, MD.We were challenging dive tables, he came out of the wet pot after doing a double lock, dive. He completed the dive then emerged from the chamber, went to the showers, and had a AGE hit just after he cleared his :15, clean time. Hit the showers and immediately fell out with a AGE brain hit. Was working with Honneycut, Roupolli, Westling, and Meyers. This took place in 1997
Thanks, A.G.Pasch, GSM3 DV Kosovo combat vet

06-30-2014 --Andrew Adams USN Ret (MDV)
Email -- aadamsjr@cableone
Request -- Contact Divers from the 50s and 60s
Question -- I served on the USS Coucal ASR 8 1957 - 58, USS Petrel 1962 - 63, Mine Defence Lab 1963 - 64, SRF Subic Bay Diving School !966 - 67. Any you old hard hat divers give me a buzz. Went to Salvage Diving School 1954 Class 57. 1st Class school 1956 - 57

05-28-2014 -- Daniel M. Albright
Email -- martin.albright@hotmail.com
Request -- Location of Diver or Contact info
Question -- Looking for Jim or James Slater I was the DMT on USS Proteus dive locker and served with him, if any one knows where he is please contact me.
Some of the other divers from the locker were also trying to contact him

05-16-2014 -- stefan brylcyzk -- 918-200-9228
Email -- stefan@cbokc.com
Request -- Information about Capt Ed White
Question -- my wife is the niece of Capt White and we are looking for any information about his travels as a navy diver.  any help would be very much appreciated. He was a navy diver from Oklahoma and left the navy in the early 1950's.  He was a member of California Classic Equipment Divers (CCED) that disbanded about 2 years ago. He was living in San Pedro at the time of his death and was a member of the Historical Diving Society.  I have also heard he was a salvage diver for Murphy Pacific.  We wanted to know any information we can find about him.

05-16-2014 -- Curtis Patch
Email -- curtpatch@aol.com
Request -- Searching for lost cousin, Richard Thompson
Question -- Richard enlisted into the U.S. Navy about 1959 from Arlington, Washington and became a Navy Deep Sea Diver. I can add some further info to that request as follows. Our Navy recruiting office may have been near Everett, Washington.
Richard Thompson (Dick Thompson) I understand was a deep sea diving instructor in the area of Washington DC. or navy training center nearby.
Thank you,

05-12-2014 -- Neal Cook
Email -- nealcook@sbcglobal.net
Request -- Reunite
Question -- I was stationed with CDU San Diego and attached to USS.Acadia 86-88, worked for seaward (west) aprox. 10 years and would like to reunite with my diving buds. 619-368-7713

12-17-2013 -- Jim Leslie
Email -- gripfast@ameritech.net
Request -- Navy Diver information/Name/Suit emblem
Question -- I am looking for any information regarding a Navy Diver....Ken Morris. Also on the front of his 1944 dive suit is painted a emblem on the front brest area. Large letter M with a number 4 below the M and behind the large M is a Triangle. His name is above the M at the neck area. Thank you for any help...Best to all Navy Divers...Thank you, Jim Leslie

11-27-2013 -- Joseph Guerrieri
Email -- mercury.joe@aol.com
Request -- Almen SFC MDV USS Petrel ASR 14
Question -- Where is he now?

11-24-2013 -- Gerald (Jerry) Wright
Email -- atlast03@yahoo.com
Request -- Find Shipmate Question -- Trying to locate Astro Perez BMC (DV) was aboard USS Petrel ASR & Skylark ASR.

08-25-2013 -- Ben MacAran
Email -- macaran@clear.net.nz
Request -- Help me contact Harold Eynon

Question -- I've been searching for a friend of mine, Harold Eynon, who my ex-wife and I attended Church College of Hawaii with. He would know me as Vernon Juhl as I changed my name years ago. I found his name on the web and traced him to this site as I know he was a keen diver even then. Thank you so much for your attention and I appreciate any help you may give. Greetings from the land down-under.

I first knew Harold Eynon when we attended Church College of Hawaii (now Brigham Young University Hawaiian Campus) from 1967 - 1969.  We then met again when I shifted to Bremerton, Washington in 1977 - 1978. He was married then with two adopted little girls. He then divorced and I lost contact with him when my wife and I moved to New Zealand in 1979. Hope this helps. He has always been a diver and I found him again on the web when he was listed as having attended one of your dinners. Hope this helps. Many thanks, Ben MacAran

08-06-2013 -- Andrew Adams SCPO (MDV)
Email --   aadamsjr@cableone.net
Request --  Contact old Shipmates
Question -- Doc. tell all those hard hat divers who I served with to get in touch, check the scuttlebutt link - Lost Navy Divers - Andy Adams (MDV) Ret. USN 1945 t0 1967

07-30-2013 -- Susan M Bagay
Email --   susanbagay@comcast.net
Request --  to make contact w/ Donald Dennis MASTER DIVER
Question -- Please help me locate Donald Dennis, who served in Norfolk's Navy in the 1990s. I lost contact with his wife and my good friend(Linda Dennis); we were colleagues/educators at Ruffner Middle School in Norfolk, VA. Thank you so much and ...THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNTIRING SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY.   Susan

07-25-2013 -- Wardell E. Stephens
Email --   w-george071@live.com
Request -- trying to find former (DV) shipmates

07-25-2013 -- Phil Alvarez
Email --  phil@affinityemployment.com
Request -- Luis "Alvie" Alvarez
Question -- Lost track of him and would like to reconnect in the event you have a number where I can reach him.

07-06-2013 -- Faith
Email --  rawrfaith@hotmail.com
Request -- Do you know anyone who knew Terrill Kerns (Daniel Terrill Kerns, DO, LCDR Ret Deceased 03/03/2003)
Question -- I'm his daughter and I just want to know about him because he died when I was little. Sorry if this is a weird request..

07-04-2013 -- Earl King
Email --  kingev@msn.com
Request -- Information
Question -- I am looking for any information on my dad's diving history. Master Chief,Master Diver, Rupert Carroll King.
His last posting was on Sollomens Island,Maryland. Dad past has past away and I have an oil painting one of his crew did of him in full gear and am trying to gather stories about him and his diving background for our family.
If you knew him and dived with him if would be great to hear from you.

07-04-2013 -- Tom Jenkins
Email -  tom.anthony.jenkins@gmail.com
Request - Info on Paul Babcock BM1 (DV) -- Would like verification -- he may have died in a chamber fire.Where? When? Any other details.

05-19-2013 -- Wardell E. Stephens

U.S. Navy Salvage Divers Class #53
January 1, 1954 to April 30, 1954 at
Bayonne, N.J. Please contact Wardell
E. Stephens at PO Box 721, Eloy, AZ
85131 or w-george071@live.com

5-19-2013 -- Bob Cave
Email --  bcave92111@aol.com
Request -- Searching for EMCM(DV) John (Jack) Cole
Question -- My name is Bob Cave ENCM(MDV) Retired.  I have been looking for Master Chief Electrician (Diver) John Wellington Cole.  He may still reside in the Youngstown area of Bayou George in Panama City, Florida.  I have called him too many times to mention over some years now and due to my inability to do extensive travel foer some time I have not had the opportunity to travel to Panama City to look him up.  If there is a navy diver or whomever reads this that may live in the Youngstown area of Bayou George please send me an e-mail and I will send you his address and maybe he will call me.  Thanks:  Bob Cave Master Diver U.S. Navy retired

05-19-2013 -- Raymond H. Steele
Email -- dmitch_mitchell@msn.com
Request -- information
Question -- Trying to get phone number for Joe Bainbridge

04-20-2013 -- Angie Sylvester
Email -- angiesylvester@msn.com
Request -- Info on master diver
Question -- Hello, I was a shipmate of Master Diver George Gilson in 1991 on the USS Yosemite. This is the only place I have seen his name that may be in contact with him. I would appreciate it if you had any contact info for him that you would share with me. Thank you so very much

04-20-2013 -- William "Lee" Vatter
Email -- leevatter@gmail.com
Request -- contact info
Question -- Request you forward my contact info to Donald Grubbs BMC (DSW/SW/MDV)

04-20-2013 -- Cliff Anderson
Email -- Cliff.anderson75@yahoo.com
Request -- Publish to "lost"
Question -- Anyone knowing contact information for David December HTC MDV please contact cliff.anderson75@ yahoo.com or call 832-596-6322. We served together on the USS Beaufort from 71-74.

04-03-2013 -- William Wright
Email -- pennyheld@msn.com
Request -- specific diver research
Question -- Hello, I am the grandson of a diver from WWII, Chief Wilbur Herr. He passed in 1994 and I'm trying to do research to find out his duty stations, duties, locations, etc. Basically anything that I can find. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you.

04-03-2013 -- J. C. Stewart
Email -- kcjack@earthlink.net
Request -- Info on Divers
Question -- I served on the USS Safeguard(ARS25) 1958-1960. On board were two DV1s - Rocky Crockran EN1 and Wm. Bill Dolph BM1. Rocky made CPO and MDV, I qualiifed onboard as a salvage diver. Any infor would be welcome. Thank You.

03-26-2013 -- Missy Gibbs
Email -- emgibbs@bellsouth.net
Request -- Whereabouts of old navy friend
Question -- I have been trying to locate Joseph Stewart from an old udt team. It was UDT-1 dive team, they were stationed in GTMO in 1982 and were based out of Little Creek. I do not remember his middle name so I am having a hard time trying to find him. If you could direct me as to how to find him, I would appreciate it. Thanks

03-26-2013 -- Antonio Alves
Email --  aalves01@snet.net
Request -- locate former shipmates
Question -- I was stationed aboard YRST-2 HCU-2 from 1968 to 1969 as a second class diver. Any info on crew members

03-05-2013 -- Terry Everson
Email -- terryeverson11@yahoo.com
Request -- Whereabouts of Robert Holloway BMC/DV

02-15-2013 -- Sonny
Email sed4Him@aol.com
Request -- Trying to contact Paul McMurtrie
Question -- I am an old shipmate of Paul McMurtrie we served on the USS Edenton together under MMDV Redecki. I am trying to contact Paul and was hoping you had a contact email or number for him. Or if you would feel more comfortable to give him my contact email. Thank you, Sonny DeLeo MM1 SS/DV1  1977-1986.

02-15-2013 -- Andrew Adams
Email aadamsjr@cableone.net
Request -- Any and all divers in the 85 year old age bracket let me hear from you
Question -- Andrew Adams USN Ret. (MDV)
  PH 361 776 7203 Cell 361 523 1769
 Now living in South Texas Came From N.C. Ships Served on Uss New Jersey BB62 Uss Curtiss Av4, USS Coucal ASR 8 USS Petrel ASR ?? Last Tour Was Diving School And Barge Subic Bay

02-15-2013 -- Jack Gumtow
Email najade95@gmail.com
Request:  locate Paul Stone
Question - Sir, I was a shipmate on the USS Marias with Paul in 1962- 63. We were both machinist mates, he was my mentor.  He went on to be a EOD diver.  Trying to contact him and his wife for old times sake!

10-03-2012 -- Skip Lash
Email diverboss@gmail.com
Request - Looking for Ted James
Question - Ted and I were stationed together in Projects, and were hunting partners on the side. Spent many a great evening under the stars in northern California waiting for the sun to come up and "Maybe" see a deer or two. Have not heard from him and have not been able to find out where he might be. Hope someone can help Thanks in advance

08-15-2012 -- Tom Washington
Email thomas.washington.ctr@navsoc.socom.mil
Request:  In search of fellow DV classmate:  Mary Rozackus (last name misspelled)  her first duty station upon graduation from DV school  was Groton, Conn.

08-02-2012 -- Donald E. Holland
Email dhollandggm@bellsouth.net
Request:  are there any old divers left
Question: I was a 2nd class diver attached the USS Nereus AS - 17 FROM 1960 until 1965. Worked for master diver bob Sheats & robert Scnephf, which both have departed. I would like to contact any divers who served abord the Nereus during this time period.I have recently retired from the oil field as a diver consultant. Regards: Donald Holland

07-22-2012 -- Charlene Mercer
Email cmercer1@austin.rr.com
Request contact information for Michael (Mike) S. Lutz
Question: I am trying to get a contact email or phone number for Mike Lutz. I am a science teacher in Austin, Texas. I met Mike over 20 years ago on a dive in Mexico and would like to reconnect with him if possible.
Thank you for your help.

07-22-2012 -- Charles Watson
Email: watsoncharles53@gmail.com
Request: Looking for divers I served with
Question: Looking for old team members graduating class of July 9, 1976 One person I am trying to find is Bart Barthalamue he would have been at least a chief when retired. If you can help I would app. it thanks Charles F Watson ENG DRV Second Class

06-25-2012 -- Marty O'Reilly
Email: marty1968200@hotmail.com
Request: Look up ol'Diving Partners - Stumble Bums - 1970
Question: I was part of "The Stumble Bums" class 7105S/12-04-70, San Diego. (SCUBA). Thanks to my Navy training, I became a member of The United Brotherhood of Divers & Tenders out of NYC then NYPD for 22 years.(Police Officer, Detective & Sergeant) Like to hear from ANY Stumble Bum!

06-23-2012 -- Dave Peifer
Email: dpeif@comcast.net
Request: navy diver
Question: hello......would anyone have any info on etn-2 thomas j wolfe as a navy diver.any info would be greatly appreciated......thanks ....dave

06-15-2012 -- Tom Hodgins CWO4 Ret -- I am looking for any contact info for Billy (Enoch) Fleeman. He is a shipmate I have not heard from in a long time.
Send any info to Tom Hodgins at tom_hodgins@hotmail.com.

05-20-2012 -- William K. Carter CWO/USN Ret.
Email: billcarterha@aol.com
Request: Attended scuba sclool at 32st NAV STA in 1969. Worked the rivers in Viet Nam 69/70. Looking for fellow divers from that time and place.

09-18-2010 -- Lettie M. Lee genemom@aol.com sent me the following email on 9/2/2010 -- Could you tell me where I might find information about my brother, Robert H McDaniel. He went thru UDT training when he was about 30-31 years old, which would be about 1970. I believe he might have been stationed at Little Creek at that time. He won the "VF-101 Grim Reaper's Sailor of the Year for 1977, I would like to know more about that, also.

I think he went into the Navy, the first time, about 1956-57 served 4 years, came out and wasn't satisfied and went back into the Navy a few years after that until he retired while stationed at Jacksonville Naval Base.

Thanks so very much,
Lettie M Lee
Lake Wales, Florida

09-15-2010 --Jack Giessmann ngiessmann@msn.com is trying to locate a friend that he was stationed with in the Philippines. He was a Gunner's Mate, and they were both assigned to the Ship Repair Facility - Combat Systems - in 1977/78. His name is Gregory (Greg) Young, and he attended diving school in the Philippines. He was a diver in the Philippines until around 1979 or 1980 (?), and was then transferred. If you have any information about Greg, or know any site he could try in order to location Greg he would appreciate it.

08-16-2010 -- Tony Colatarci zbigt@satx.rr.com is looking for Miguel Hernandez HM2(DV). We were stationed together in NMRI Bethesda 1978-80

03-07-2010 -- Dianne Whitfield from Western Australia is trying to obtain a photograph of JOSEPH ARENA who was a Bosun's Mate 2nd Class - US Navy - Hard Hat Diver; his Military Service between 1942 and 1946.

He was born 24 September 1921, Providence, RI and passed away 2 September 1998 - Oceanside, CA. She believes he is buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, CA - Plot CBD, 1, 596. (Ed. Note - I will check on this and see if I can find his resting place as I only live a couple of miles from Fort Rosecrans.)

Anyone knowing anything about BM2/DV ARENA, please contact Dianne at whitty_1@bigpond.com and copy me.

01-01-2010 -- Andy Adams is trying to locate an old diving shipmate William Chalk. I last saw him in 1967 at the diving school in Subic bay. At the time he was a 1st class Enginman. Check your Files and ask all your contacts if they know of his whereabouts
thanks R/S Andy Adams SCPO. Master Diver aadamsjr@cableone.net

12-31-2009 -- My name is Michael White, I am an English Director living and working out of Vienna Austria and have recently produced the documentary film Azorian the Raising of the K-129. www.projectjennifer.at

I am now writing a book over the whole story of Project Azorian together with Norman Polmar the well respected American Cold War Naval historian analyst and author which will be published by the USN Institute press in the fall of 2010. Expanding on areas I could not get into the film. One of the reasons I made the film was to try to put an end to all the B.S. articles, books and conspiracy stories that exist on this project and before it is lost to history for ever.

I am looking for any of the ex Hughes Glomar Explorer Divers for a phone call or some email exchanges of information over their role on the project. One I believe had the sir-name Beckman! and another Tony Asaro I see sadly in your passed away column, but I know there to be others onboard.

Is there some way I could put a posting regards a chance of being able to make contact with any of these still living Divers.


michael white director/producer

michael white films
zirkusgasse 13/4
a-1020 vienna

phone/ +43.1.890 32 69
cell/ +43.1.699 108 12 413


12-29-09 -- Doug Coggeshall sent the following  --  My father (Charles M. Coggeshall, Master Diver, EOD) was on the diving teams of both Sea Lab Two and Three. I'm attempting to contact his fellow U.S. Navy Diver colleagues to invite them to attend my dad's eightyth birthday this coming February 2010.
Can you help me get in contact with his former diving friends and colleagues? Thanks (in advance) for anything that you might be able to do.
Doug Coggeshall, Mechanical Engineering Manager, Ocean Optics, Inc.
830 Douglas Avenue
Dunedin, FL 34698
Office Telephone: (727) 450-6880
Office Fax: (727) 733-3962

Cell Phone: (727) 485-6220


12-26-09 -- CWO4 Ret Rick Vermillion is looking for MDV Richard Wiebe. Please contact Rick at either 614-424-3230 or rickvermillion@earthlink.net if you have info on MDV Wiebe.

02-19-09 -- Lavern "Vern" E. Miller, Jr, the son of Departed Navy Diver Miller, who was killed (along with Navy Diver Sprinkle) in a diving accident on the USS Skylark in 1967, wrote me. Vern is serving with the Army Special Forces in Iraq and would like to find Hyrum Mullikan and John Francis Breslan.

Vern would also like to get in touch with anyone who served on Skylark with his dad. His email address is vernaciousd@gmail.com. If someone out there can help out, please do.

02-15-09 -- EN1/DV Robert Manley usnavydiver0922@yahoo.com is looking for Mark Hibbits. He was stationed with him in Scotland sometime between 1981 and 1989. Also Dave Taylor who he was stationed with at SIMA Dive Locker in Mayporrt, FL, also in the '81 to '89 time frame.

02-04-09 -- CWO4 Tom Hodgins (ret) tom_hodgins@hotmail.com requests assistance in locating MDV Roland Bissonnette. Any contact info will be appreciated. Tom Hodgins 360-792-1111

12-20-08 -- Chaplain Ed Skiba chapedskiba@yahoo.com is looking for QMC Wally Bent. Bent was an instructor at NSDS in May 1966.

12-20-08 -- Bernie Campoli flafrog@bellsouth.net is looking for Doctor Bill Cunningham and his wife Dolly. They were stationed at NDSTC in the 1980s.

9-27-08 -- Chuck Erickson, USS Proteus Diver, guppieone@msn.com is looking for "Smokey" Seals and Chris Brewer. See messages.

9-24-08 -- Donald M. Laurin donald.laurin-02@pope.af.mil is looking for Joe Bradshaw. Don was a HTC/DV1 and Joe was a SWC/DV1 when they were stationed together 1975 - 1977 onboard USS Tringa (ASR-16). Joe was a SeaBee and may have gone to Port Hueneme, CA to retire. Anyone knowing of Joe's whereabouts - please contact Don at email above.