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Navy Divers and diver support personnel are encouraged to use this web site which has been designed specifically for your enjoyment and to facilitate communication between all active, inactive, and retired Navy Divers and Diver Support Personnel. For more information, click here.

The latest news along with additons to the website are listed below. The bolded words are the website pages on which you will locate the information added or the website pages from where information was changed or deleted.

Latest News

Posted Date News
17 Nov 2015

DEPARTED Page -- Added ETCM/DV/PJ Ret Alvin "Ken" Grimes 11/15/15

SAN DIEGO LUNCH Page -- Posted write-ups and pictures for both the October and November lunches.

16 Nov 2015 DO Page -- Added CDR Ret Frank Eissing
12 Nov 2015 SAN DIEGO LUNCH Page -- Increased lunch amount to $15.
11 Nov 2015

DO Page -- Added LT Kevin O'Gorman

DIVERS Page -- Added HM1/DV Ret Randall West

DEPARTED -- Added EAS2 EOD Ret Arthur M. Langford and BTC EOD Ret James Dayton

10 Nov 2015

DMO Page -- Added CDR MC Vic Maquera

DIVERS Page -- Added SM1/DV Tim Blakely, CM1/DV John McDowell and BMC/DV Ret Michael Hardgraves

DO Page -- Added CAPT Ret Warrie Leeke

DEPARTED Page -- Added MDV Ret Lomaye "Chips" Hurley, (06/06/15), LCDR EOD Ret Larry Cargil (10/20/15), PO1/DV Ret Steve DeBolt (10/31/15), EMCM MDV Ret Robert L. "Bobby" Cave (11/08/15)

MDV Page -- Added MDV Bradoc Cole

MADE MDV Page -- Added MDV Bradoc Cole (09/03/81)

EOD Page -- Added SM1 Tim Blakely

UCT Page -- Added John McDowell