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Navy Divers and diver support personnel are encouraged to use this web site which has been designed specifically for your enjoyment and to facilitate communication between all active, inactive, and retired Navy Divers and Diver Support Personnel. For more information, click here.

The latest news along with additons to the website are listed below. The bolded words are the website pages on which you will locate the information added or the website pages from where information was changed or deleted.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in the process of updating the NDA website so am not creating any new pages. They will be taken care of in the new revised website.

Latest News

Posted Date News
30 May 2016

DEPARTED Page -- Added IC2/DV Shannon Neil Timberlake

SHIP STORE Page -- Added revised inventory and pricing for T-shirts


27 May 2016

DO Page -- Added LT (HMCS/SW/DV/DMT/IDC) Michael Bowe-Rahming
24 May 2016

UCT Page -- Added UCT1/DV Ret Rock Girard

DIVERS Page -- Added UCT1/DV Ret Rock Girard and BMC/DV Ret Glenn Carter

DO Page -- Added CWO3 Ret Davin Strang

13 May 2016

DEPARTED Page -- Added EODC/DV Ret Joshua Brown

DIVERS Page -- Added ETC/DV SAT Ret Paul Pavlow

07 May 2016 DEPARTED Page -- Added MDV Ret Richard "Rich" Campbell and SO1 SEAL Charles Keating IV, KIA
03 May 2016 DIVER Page -- Added DC3/DV Bill Hight