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Navy Divers and diver support personnel are encouraged to use this web site which has been designed specifically for your enjoyment and to facilitate communication between all active, inactive, and retired Navy Divers and Diver Support Personnel. For more information, click here.

The latest news along with additons to the website are listed below. The bolded words are the website pages on which you will locate the information added or the website pages from where information was changed or deleted.

Latest News

Posted Date News
21 Aug 2014

MADE MDV Page - Added MDVs Jorge Guillen, Gabriel Harlander and Phillip Strautman

MDV Page - Added Gabriel Harlander and Phillip Strautman

SD LUNCH Page - Included a new paragraph as a note with a link to a picture of the group attending the October 11, 2013, lunch. Capt Walt Mazzone is in the picture. Picture provided by Bernie Campoli.

20 Aug 2014

2014 ASR/ARS REUNION Page - Added the link to the May 2014 Newsletter. Changed city of September reunion to Rapid City, SD. I prevously had the coty as Cedar Rapids.

UWSS REUNION Page - Updated for 2015 Reunion

DEPARTED Page - Added HMCS/DV Ret Michael Wenzel (04/26/13) and BMC/MDV Ret Bobby Todd (08/25/95)

MDV Page - Added MDVs Mark Cooper, Jeff King and John Millen

MADE MDV Page - Added MDVs Dan Jackson, Mark Cooper, Jeff King and John Millen

UCT Page - Added EO1/DV Ret James Butterfield

19 Aug 2014

HISTORY Page - Included the last two "Today in Diving History" articles I received from CAPT James Bloom

DO Page - Added CWO2 Harold Braden (ENC/SW/DV) Ret


MDV Page - Added MDV Daniel Jackson

17 Aug 2014

2015 DEVGRP REUNION - Built reunion page and added information Shawn Fanning provided me via email


2014 UCT TWO REUNION - Built reunion page and entered data I received via email,

UNDERWATER CONSTRUCTION - UCT - Built Roster page. Waiting for UCT Divers to send me info to populate

2015 ASR ARS REUNION - Built 2105 page. Waiting to receive info to populate

2016 NDA REUNION - Built page and populated with 2016 info.

SEALAB ROSTER - Added data for LCDR Ret Matt Eggar

DO & UDT/SEAL PAGES - Added LCDR SEAL Ret Michael J. Gill