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Navy Divers and diver support personnel are encouraged to use this web site which has been designed specifically for your enjoyment and to facilitate communication between all active, inactive, and retired Navy Divers and Diver Support Personnel. For more information, click here.

The latest news along with additons to the website are listed below. The bolded words are the website pages on which you will locate the information added or the website pages from where information was changed or deleted.

Latest News

Posted Date News
10 Apr 2014 Divers page - Added EM1 Haney and changed email address for BMC Pinkney.
08 Apr 2014

Departed page - added Larry Langdon (2013 ?) and NDC Joseph VandenOever (01/10/14)

Divers page - added or updated email address for Divers MM2 Kauffman, LeRoy Johnson, ENC Frazier, SF2 Blomberg, GMCM Luther, HT1 Daily (also to EOD and UDT/SEAL pages) OS2 Cumneck, Ed Weaver, ET2 Boettcher, ND3 Justin Smith, Dale Sowder, Jeff Scanlon,

Diver Support page - I am extremely pleased to add the very first to our Diver Support page. He is Walt Duffany and served with HCU-1 HCT-4 (Team 4). Welcome aboard Walt. Now, let's see if we can get some more Diver Support personnel on this page. Without Diver Support personnel, we are extremely hindered in our work. Please let others know we have a Diver Support page.

DMT page - HMCS Mark Sherrill, Daniel Albright and HM1 Kelvin Schmitz.

DO page - email address change for Mike Burke.