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The latest news along with additons to the website are listed below. The bolded words are the website pages on w hich you will locate the information added or the website pages from where information was changed or deleted.

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18 Apr 2019 DEPARTED Page -- I've made three late entries of which I was made aware. All were MDV Ret. Dan Vignardi (9/22/17), Roger Leo MacDanold (Seely) (11/10/18) and Ken Chaffin (12/22/18)
9 Apr 2019

DMT Page -- Added HMCS/DSW/EXW/FMF Ret Scott Allison and HM2/DV/SW Richard Sanborn

DEPARTED Page -- Added CWO2 EOD Ret Timothy C. LeClear

DEPARTED Page -- Thanks to all of you who responded. I was able to move John Cunningham, Donnie Gable, Charlie Naylor, Charlie Ranger, Jeff Schultz and Ronnie Wetzstoen (I had misspelled as Wetzstone) from the "Unknown Dates" section to the year in which they passed. Thank you all very much.